Economic Review Archive

The Economic Review is the bi-monthly newsletter written by Webster's Economic Adviser Nick Perna who brings current economic trends to life with expert commentary and a down-to-earth style.

Economic Review Newsletters from 2016

Date Title PDF
July/August 2016 Why so glum, chum? Read
May/June 2016 The New Abnormal Read
March/April 2016 The Economy Read
Jan/Feb 2016 The Economy: At Long Last Read

Economic Review Newsletters from 2015

Date Title PDF
Nov/Dec 2015 Back to the '80s Read
Sept/Oct 2015 Mezza Mezza Recovery Read
July/August 2015 What, Me Worry? Read
May/June 2015 My Spring Vacation Read
Mar/Apr 2015 Kanye Who? Read
Jan/Feb 2015 The Bi-Polar Express Read


Economic Review Newsletters from 2014

Date Title PDF
Nov/Dec 2014 Pinocchio Meets Snopes! Read
Sept/Oct 2014 Hurricane Season Read
July/Aug 2014 European Vacation Read
May/June 2014 Happy Anniversary: We're All Getting Older! Read
Mar/Apr 2014 Jay Leno and the Job Market Read
Jan/Feb 2014 Looking Back and Ahead and at Less than Six Degrees of Separation Read


Economic Review Newsletters from 2013

Date Title PDF
November/December 2013 Groundhog Day or Apocalypse Now? Read
September/October 2013 Ask the Money Doctor Read
July/August 2013 Musings and Amusings Read
May/June 2013 Play Ball! Read
Mar/Apr 2013 Musings and Amusings Read
Jan/Feb 2013 Chubby is better! Read


Economic Review Newsletters from 2012

Date Title PDF
Nov/Dec 2012 Ask the Money Doctor. Read
Sept/Oct 2012 Should you vote? Read  
July/Aug 2012 Dog Days Arrive Early Read
May/June 2012 Urban Economic Legends Read
Mar/Apr 2012 It's Getting Better, Really! Read
Jan/Feb 2012 Life in the Slow (down) Lane Read


Economic Review Newsletters from 2011

Date Title PDF
Nov/Dec 2011 European Economy is a Greek Tragedy Read
Sept/Oct 2011 A Q&A on the Lagging Economy Read
Jul 2011 The ‘Lazy V’ Recovery Read
Mar 2011 We're still experiencing an uneven recovery two years after the "end" of the Great Recession. Read
Jan 2011 Love 'em or hate 'em, the controversial government programs implemented over the past few years have had a major impact on recent improvements in the economy. Read

Economic Review Newsletters from 2010

Date Title PDF
Oct 2010 What do bond bubbles, tulips in Holland, unemployment insurance and the Fed have in common? Read
July 2010 There's a bull market for pessimism Read
May 2010 The global financial crisis was years in the making and defies easy explanation. Read
Mar 2010 Will a Greece fire singe the Euro? Read
Jan 2010 Who is TED and why should anyone care if he's putting on a few pounds? Read


Economic Review Newsletters from 2009

Date Title PDF Podcast
Dec 2009 The economy is growing, the stock market is up, but the job market remains lackluster. Read  
Oct 2009 It's been a year since the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the bailout of AIG. Read  
Aug 2009 How does the Federal Reserve regulate the money supply in order to avoid both inflation and deflation, while ensuring sustainable economic growth? Read    
June 2009 Should we spend more, save less? Spend less, save more? Fret more over inflation or deflation? Bet the dollar will rise or fall? Read  
Apr 2009 Nick Perna examines the current employment numbers Read Listen
Jan 2009 Nick Perna discusses the little-understood phenomenon of Deflation Read Listen


Economic Review Newsletters from 2008

Date Title PDF Podcast
Dec 2008 Nick Perna provides the long view of the health of the economy Read Listen
Sept 2008 The Overall Health of the Economy Read Listen
July 2008 The Numbers Never Lie Read Listen
May 2008 Ask "The Money Doctor" Read Listen
Mar 2008 The Consensus Read Listen
Jan 2008 The Dismal Science Read Listen


Economic Review Newsletters from 2007-2006

Date Title PDF Podcast
Nov 2007 Is the Dropping Dollar Good or Bad? Read Listen
Sept 2007 The Laurel and Hardy Syndrome Read Listen
July 2007 Is inflation phobia sweeping the nation? Read Listen
May 2007 Are we headed for Another Bad Hairy Day? Read Listen
Mar 2007 The Great Depression or the Great Misunderstanding? Read Listen
Jan 2007 Economic Soft Landing Read Listen
Oct 2006 The Impact of Unemployment Read Listen