If you're looking for investments that seek to grow your income, fixed income securities may be your answer.

Strive to Grow Your Income

With a wide range of options available to you, benefits may include:

  • Guaranteed rate of return when held to maturity
  • Flexible interest payment options
  • Predictable fixed payments
  • Short, medium, and long-term maturities



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Types of Fixed Income Securities

Treasury Securities

These securities guarantee a rate of return when held to maturity, and they can provide a steady stream of monthly or quarterly income.

Treasury Bills

These are short-term securities that can mature at three months, six months, and one year. T-bills are sold at a discounted face value and, upon maturity, pay out the full face value amount.

Treasury Notes & Bonds

Typically issued and redeemed at face value, these notes and bonds pay out a fixed rate of interest every six months until they mature. Maturities range from two to ten years or more.

Agency Discount Notes

Like Treasury Bills, these are sold below face value and mature to face value in short-term intervals.

Agency Securities

These are short-term and medium-term securities issued by federal agencies. While they are not direct obligations of the United States, most offer government guarantees or sponsorship and a higher rate of return than Treasuries of comparable term lengths.

Agency Medium-Term Notes

Comparable to Treasury Notes, these notes are offered for fixed periods of time and pay interest on a semi-annual basis.

Corporate Bonds1

These are debt obligations issued by public or private corporations. Funds are used for things Iike building facilities, purchasing equipment, and expansion.

Municipal Bonds1

These bonds are issued by states, cities, counties and other government entities to fund public projects such as building schools or highways.


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